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What We Do

HWC emphasizes the advancement of the next generation of
Latina leaders at local, regional and national levels.

Get Involved

We offer sponsorship roles as well as other ways individuals
and businesses can get involved.


Featured Scholars and Scholarship Opportunities.

Save the Date

Mark your calendar for the 35th Annual National Hispanic Women’s Corporation
Professional Development & Leadership Institute and Empowerment Virtual Conference October 30, 2020

Celebrate the spirit of Latinas everywhere by participating in the Professional Development & Leadership Institute
and support our leaders of tomorrow!

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For more information contact Valerie Sanchez | (520) 789-0724 •

Hispanic Women’s Corporation

Founded in 1981 to address the unique social concerns, cultural challenges and opportunities for
Latina women requiring exploration.

The Hispanic Women’s Corporation (HWC) was founded in 1981 as a result of a series of meetings among the founding Latina women whose shared experiences sparked recognition that Latinos have unique social concerns, cultural challenges and opportunities requiring exploration. Their diverse backgrounds in corporations, government and educational institutions led to the establishment of the HWC Professional Development & Leadership Institute for women and students.

HWC has now become a national force drawing over 2,000 attendees to the Professional and Youth Leadership Institutes. Continuing our HWC Youth Leadership Institute is imperative as we focus on the future of Latino students annually in their junior high and high school years for higher education, academic preparation, and career initiatives.

HWC is a nationally recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation and a model organization, known for being a proactive leader in the development of Hispanic women.

HWC empowers Hispanic women through its commitment to the culture by promoting education, community involvement, and professional advancement and leadership development for the improvement of our cultural quality of life.

HWC will be the primary conduit of information and opportunities to benefit the community and instill lasting results toward our future.